Hours of Service: Tuesday-Saturday from 10am, with the last booking at 7pm.

Appointments are available in my Winnetka office.

Please note all of our services are STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL AND THERAPEUTIC.

Discount packages available for purchase, please inquire.

Professional Healing Massage




Having been trained in a variety of techniques, I use a combination of these techniques to give you the massage best suited for your own individual needs. Techniques may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial, Lymphatic, Marma Point and Thai Yoga stretching.

Office appointments $120 for 1 hr. / $170 for 1.5 hr / $220 for 2hrs


5-Pack 1.5 hr sessions/$825 (save $25!)  or 2 hr $1,050 (save $50!)

10-pack 1.5 hr sessions/$1,600 (save $100!) or 2 hr $2,050 (save $150!)

Fasciablasting Massage

-Break up fascial adhesions/scar tissue
-Release Fascial tightness
-Improve structural/myofascial issues
-Increase circulation
-Increase access to muscle power and improve muscle definition
-Reduce pain and inflammation
-Potentially improve cellulite appearance and fat pockets

These are some of the many possible benefits of fasciablasting.

We recommend getting clearance from your Physician prior to receiving Fasciablasting treatment.


$140 1 hour (1-2 body parts covered)

$190 1.5 hour (RECOMMENDED! Initial sessions must be minimum 1.5 hr)

$240 2 hours


5-pack 1.5 hour sessions $925 (save $25) or 2 hr. $1,150 (save $50!)

10-pack 1.5 hour sessions $1,800 (save $100!) or 2 hr. $2,250 (save $150!)


reiki session

Reiki, meaning “universal life force energy” in Japanese, is an energy healing technique using hands to deliver healing energy.  A Reiki treatment happens fully clothed laying on a massage table or other comfortable location.  Hands are held on or over the seven chakras or “energy centers”, as Reiki energy is channeled to help heal and clear energy blockages, and recharge your energy field .  Reiki is very relaxing and facilitates healing for mind, body and soul.

Office $120 for 1 hour /$170 for 1.5 hr

Private Yoga Session

sunset yoga

Private yoga sessions for you only, or may include other family members and friends (max 4 people). My classes are taught in the vinyasa flow style with an ayurvedic influence for whatever level you are at! Often includes various pranayama (breathing) techniques, powerful flow, chanting and meditation.

Office $120 per hour / $170 for 1.5 hr

Try a combination session.  Any of these services can be combined for the perfect self-care experience!