Reiki Attunement

Please call or email to set-up attunement appointment.


Reiki I $180

Learn the natural healing art of Reiki.  Reiki I allows for healing on self, plants and animals.


Reiki II $280

By getting attuned to this level the Reiki practitioner transcends the boundaries of time and space.  You will learn 20 powerful Reiki symbols to heal people near and far; the nature of your experience will change profoundly.  The practitioner will learn to heal self, pets, plants, and loved ones.  Reiki II allows healing at distance and teaches to clean the energy of any space such as your home or office.


Reiki III (Master) $1,000

This level of Reiki is a substantial increase in power, allowing you to begin working on others.  You will learn 14 additional Reiki symbols.


Reiki IIIB (Master Teacher) $1,500

Spread the light of reiki through teaching.  In this level you will learn to attune Reiki practitioners to all four levels of Reiki.