Massage and yoga in the workplace can bring a refreshing energy into a stressed environment. A former accountant, I understand the everyday stress of a corporate work environment and the most common injuries that can result from everyday office work, such as neck, shoulder, lower back pain and headaches.  I hone in on those problem areas using specific techniques to release tension and restore pain free mobility. Unlike many corporate therapists that use just a standard massage chair, you also have the option of choosing my heated massage table, with fresh linens, candles, aromatherapy oils and sound healing music for the ultimate spa like experience.  Experienced in many healing modalities, I will often surprise employees with treatments such as Reiki, chakra analysis or crystal healing in addition to massage. If space provides, I am also available for teaching yoga/meditation classes suitable for all fitness levels.

Corporate Therapy

Massage therapy & yoga in the workplace

– greatly reduces stress

-reduces number of sick days

-increases productivity

-promotes physical and mental well-being

Today’s modern employees want benefits that make a difference in their lives.  Replacing outdated and unhealthy coffee/cigarette breaks with healthier activities encourages all employees to make better choices .  Business owners can also feel good about setting a positive example and encouraging other companies to make healthier choices for their employees and their work environment.  Together we can help create healthier, happier employees, workplaces and communities, which of course ultimately leads to worldpeace – or at least office peace. 🙂  These corporate programs are also tax deductible. Please contact me for more information on how to implement these health programs into your work environment. Email, call or text 818-635-7918.