“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” -Herman Hesse

Receiving healing work gives us the much needed respite from our hectic lives to rest, rejuvenate and connect with the sanctuary of our own inner being.  Please explore our website to discover the variety of ways in which you can create a fulfilling self-care experience.

Call us at 818-635-7918 or email at tessnik@yahoo.com with questions about any aspect of our services or to schedule an appointment. We are available for appointments at our Encino office, housecalls, corporate therapy programs, and organizing special events with a full staff of healing artists.

Gift certificates are also available.


I have traveled all over the world indulging in massages and none have compared to a massage by Tess. She is the most intuitive, understanding and compassionate massage therapist I have ever visited.



She is the real deal.



I have given you the email for Tess, the "masseuse extrordinaire." I recommend her highly to you and believe you will never experience a better massage than one of hers.



I wanted to thank you for coming to help me feel better. I have felt so bad for a long time and I know what you do for me makes a difference. Thank you for being a kind and loving person. I think you deserve to have a king size ego if you wanted. You are terrific!




Hours of Service: Tuesday-Saturday from 10am, with the last booking at 7pm.  

Appointments are available in our Encino office.

Outcall service can be provided, please call for a quote.

Please note all of our services are STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL AND THERAPEUTIC.


Chiropractic & Schroth Method for scoliosis are available in the Encino office with Dr. Andromeda Stevens, D.C. please visit www.scoliosiscoach.com for more information.

Professional Healing Massage

Having been trained in a variety of techniques, we use a combination of these techniques to give you the massage best suited for your own individual needs. Techniques may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Marma Point and Thai Yoga stretching.

Office appointments $105 for 1 hr. / $150 for 1.5 hr / $195 for 2hrs

Private steam + Massage (90 mins.) $170 or include it in a 2 hour session for no additional charge


-Break up fascial adhesions/scar tissue
-Release Fascial tightness
-Improve structural/myofascial issues
-Increase circulation
-Increase access to muscle power and improve muscle definition
-Reduce pain and inflammation
-Potentially improve cellulite appearance and fat pockets

These are some of the many possible benefits of fasciablasting.

ALL FASCIABLASTING SESSIONS include private steaming!

$125 1 hour (1-2 body parts covered)

$170 1.5 hour (RECOMMENDED! Initial sessions must be minimum 1.5 hr)

$195 2 hours


5-pack 1.5 hour sessions $825 (save $25) or 2 hr. $925 (save $50!)

10-pack 1.5 hour sessions $1,600 (save $100!) or 2 hr. $1800 (save $150!)


Reiki, meaning “universal life force energy” in Japanese, is an energy healing technique using hands to deliver healing energy.  A Reiki treatment happens fully clothed laying on a massage table or other comfortable location.  Hands are held on or over the seven chakras or “energy centers”, as Reiki energy is channeled to help heal and clear energy blockages, and recharge your energy field . Reiki is very relaxing and facilitates healing for mind, body and soul.

Office appointments $95 for 1 hour / $135 for 1.5 hr.

Reiki House Clearing – $240+ based on location and size of home. Includes sage cleansing and infusion of Reiki energy.

Love Yourself

Bliss Therapy

Bliss Therapy is a combination of Abyhanga, Shirodhara and Svedhana. Its approximately 3 hours worth of treatment guaranteed to leave you feeling reborn and blissed out!

Encino Office Only – Coming soon!

Private Yoga Session


Private yoga sessions for you only, or may include other family members and friends (max 4 people). My classes are taught in the vinyasa flow style with an ayurvedic influence for whatever level you are at! Often includes various pranayama (breathing) techniques, powerful flow, chanting and meditation.

Office $95 per hour / $135 1.5 hr

Try a combination session.  Any of these services can be combined for the perfect self-care experience!

Reiki Attunements

Please call or email to set-up attunement appointment.

Reiki I $240

Learn the natural healing art of Reiki.  Reiki I allows for healing on self, plants and animals.

Reiki II $360

By getting attuned to this level the Reiki practitioner transcends the boundaries of time and space.  You will learn 20 powerful Reiki symbols to heal people near and far; the nature of your experience will change profoundly.  The practitioner will learn to heal self, pets, plants, and loved ones.  Reiki II allows healing at distance and teaches to clean the energy of any space such as your home or office.

Reiki III (Master) $1,000

This level of Reiki is a substantial increase in power, allowing you to begin working on others.  You will learn 14 additional Reiki symbols.

Reiki IIIB (Master Teacher) $1,500

Spread the light of reiki through teaching.  In this level you will learn to attune Reiki practitioners to all four levels of Reiki.

Corporate Therapy & Events

Massage and yoga in the workplace can bring a refreshing energy into a stressed environment. A former accountant, I understand the everyday stress of a corporate work environment and the most common injuries that can result from everyday office work, such as neck, shoulder, lower back pain and headaches.  I hone in on those problem areas using specific techniques to release tension and restore pain free mobility.

Unlike many corporate therapists that use just a standard massage chair, you also have the option of choosing my heated massage table, with fresh linens, candles, aromatherapy oils and sound healing music for the ultimate spa like experience.  Experienced in many healing modalities, I will often surprise employees with treatments such as Reiki, chakra analysis or crystal healing in addition to massage. If space provides, I am also available for teaching yoga/meditation classes suitable for all fitness levels.

In addition to corporate therapy, I am available for organizing a variety of therapists that can perform healing arts like Chair Massage, Thai Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and more for your special events.

Massage therapy & yoga in the workplace
greatly reduces stress
reduces number of sick days
-increases productivity
-promotes physical and mental well-being


Today’s modern employees want benefits that make a difference in their lives.  Replacing outdated and unhealthy coffee/cigarette breaks with healthier activities encourages all employees to make better choices .  Business owners can also feel good about setting a positive example and encouraging other companies to make healthier choices for their employees and their work environment.  Together we can help create healthier, happier employees, workplaces and communities, which of course ultimately leads to worldpeace – or at least office peace. :)  These corporate programs are also tax deductible.

Please contact me for more information on how to implement these health programs into your work environment. Email tessnik@yahoo.com, call or text 818-635-7918.


The heart and soul behind Healing With Tess, is Tess Nikolopoulos Skudlark, a well respected healing arts therapist and familiar face in the West Valley, Calabasas, Topanga and Westside communities for over 10 years.

Tess is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Instructor and SVA Ayurveda student practitioner. With a hunger and deep passion for healing, she loves continuing to learn and explore healing modalities and integrate them into her practice.

Tess was attuned through Reiki Master Teacher level by Emerging Om’s founder,  the amazing Reiki Master/Teacher Dr. Katayoun “Kathy” Kangarloo, with whom she has shared a sacred learning relationship with for over a decade. She has also received attunement and studied with healing artist and author, Tuesday May Thomas.  Through her own healing experiences with Reiki, she has learned the deep healing power of energy.

Tess is also a certified, California licensed and insured massage practitioner (Lic #57705). She has received training in a variety of modalities including, but not limited to Swedish, Structural Bodywork, Deep Tissue,  Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Aromatherapy/Aromatouch, Hot Stone and also trained with the well-respected Saul David Raye in Thai Yoga Therapy.  Tess believes in the essential power of touch, and the incredible healing that occurs from peeling away the built-up and stored layers of tension, stored emotions and imbalance.

In addition, Tess completed one year of training and certification in yoga and ayurveda with Mas Vidal through Dancing Shiva’s Veda Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training Program.  She furthered her yoga studies by becoming certified to teach kids yoga through the Mini Yogis program, and also Chair Yoga for Everyone – a program designed by Tuesday May Thomas, to teach yoga to those with physical limitations or challenges.  From bedridden to athletes, yoga can be adapted to fit one’s personal needs.

Tess’ approach to yoga practice is to offer it as a physical form of spiritual ritual or as she refers to it “body prayer”.   Her instruction is based on Raja Yoga or the traditional eight limbed path and Ayurveda,  and are taught in the vinyasa flow style. This includes traditional yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation, chanting and other yogic practices with focus on cultivating a deep relationship with the inner self. Her major influences include teachers Mas Vidal, Annmarie Solo,  Katayoun Kangarloo and Bryan Kest.

Currently, Tess is embarking on deeper studies of Ayurveda, and was certified in Ayurvedic bodywork by the California College of Ayurveda. Also in July 2014, she began and continues training with the renowned Ayurvedic doctor Vaidya RK Mishra.

Tess has had her own personal yoga and meditation practice for over a decade, she is a member of Self-Realized Fellowship and her life is her spiritual practice.

Her main objective is to facilitate her clients with the love, wisdom, healing touch and guidance needed for discovering the real healer – the healer within.  She is honored and grateful to share her passion for this lifestyle with you. Thank you for visiting this site!  Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.  Peace.

Keep up with Tess by liking her page on facebook.


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Kelley C.
2017-09-18 00:52:46
Tess was more than I could dream of! I went to receive the FasciaBlasting for cellulite but I learned so much more about what my body really needed after...
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Barbara L.
2017-09-05 16:41:15
Today was my second appointment with Tess. I'm a FasciaBlaster and decided to see if I could find a professional in my area, and Tess was referred to me by...