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Link to the following websites  to purchase the amazing products I use in our sessions or have raved about:


Click on the link to purchase:  www.mydoterra.com/tessnik

All the essential oils I use in my practice are from Doterra. These are therapeutic grade oils and I use them for many different purposes in my daily life from skin rashes to cleaning my house. My current favorite item is Deep Blue Rub – this works amazingly well for muscular pain relief.  Ask me for a sample or to recommend some oils for you.


Vaidya RK Mishra’s Ayurvedic Products

vaidya mishra

Please go to www.chandika.com

Chandika Ayurvedic Products

Type in TN91303 at checkout to receive 5% off!


The massage oils and creams I use in my session are all handcrafted by my teacher, Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra.  The pre and probiotics that I recommend can also be found here.  All of his products are the best in ayurvedic care, carefully prepared using time tested formulas and are pure and free of any synthetic preservatives or chemicals.





My new favorite tool for breaking up tight fascia in the body, scar tissue, fat and lessening the appearance of cellulite. I have either used this on you or have talked your ear off about it. Purchase it here http://www.fasciablaster.com